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09/21/2023 (6:30 pm) Fall Faves Cookie Decorating Class-$45

Gimme Me Some Sugar

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“Pie” want to tell you about my next cookie class! Come join me for my Fall Faves cookie decorating class and let’s welcome in the cooler weather cookie style!

 Find your “cool” with fall themed cookies. We’ll be decorating:

  • 🌻 - Sunflower
  • 🥧 - Pie
  • 🍎 - Apple
  • 🍁   - Leaf
  • 🌽 - Corn
  • ☕ - Latte / Cider

 🌻 I “corn”t wait to have you! Go to my website to purchase a ticket!

  • 🍎 Available Tickets: $45
  • 🍏 Link to Purchase:
  • 🍎 Time: 6:30 – 8:00 pm
  • 🍏 Location: 124 W Cherokee St, Chesnee, SC

 I don’t want to “leaf” you out - so sign up ASAP! 

 🍪 Oh - and add on a DIY kit too for the kiddos to do at home – or just practice the set again! I’ll send you the class steps with your ticket purchase. You can dig the groovy vibes of cookies in the comfort of your own abode.