Do you need a fun  and easy way to raise money for your group, organization, church or a family? 

Let us help!

You have a few options with a fundraiser:

For an 11x14 canvas, I receive $10/person
For a 16x20 canvas, I receive $20/person
For a metal door hanger, I receive $20/person

With each class, you set the price.

For an 11x14, most groups do $20-25/person, for a 16x20, most groups will do $30-35/person and for door hangers, most groups do $30-$40/person.

For a fundraiser class, your goal is to try to have at least 30 people in a class. We can accommodate up to 75 people in a canvas fundraiser class or 50 in a door hanger class. You choose the painting that the group will do and a typical class can last  approximately 3-4 hours

The price covers all the materials needed to paint. You can choose your picture for a canvas painting with everyone painting the same thing as we guide you step-by-step or for door hangers you can choose three different shapes for the group. Everyone will paint at their own pace and we walk around to assist whenever anyone needs help or guidance.  There is no step-by-step instruction with door hangers.

You can have people register through our website, you can manage sign ups directly with attendees or we can work together. We will create a facebook event once you choose your project and place on on our website for advertising, too!  We can also create a flyer for print advertising, if needed.

If you have additional questions regarding fundraising opportunities or to schedule a fundraiser, contact us at (864) 680-6168 or at