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Hey y’all!  I’m Ashlee!

I own and operate Paint it up! and have been painting professionally since 2013 and offering classes since 2014. I am self-taught, other than a few art classes in school, but have always enjoyed drawing and painting...well, actually pretty much anything creative!  I have taught thousands of awesome ladies and gentlemen (yep, men like to paint, too) across Upstate SC and NC and look forward at the opportunity to “paint it up” with you!

When I am not in the studio, I am the wife to Kevin and mom to two boys, Tanner and Tucker. I enjoy spending time with family, traveling and being outdoors.  When not painting, you can find me Bible journaling on my blog and sharing my art through ministry and speaking engagements.  You might even spot me riding around in the "ART CAR"!

“I consider it a blessing to be able to teach painting classes and help share the arts with children and adults in our community. If you have attended one of my classes or purchased one of my paintings, I want to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to follow my passion and make my vision of "Paint it up!" a reality.”

The story behind Paint it up!

"Paint it up! is dedicated to the memory of my brother, Jason Williams.

In January 2010, he passed away after a six-month battle with leukemia and a failed stem-cell transplant. He was always the life of the party, the jokester and after you met him once, he was instantly a friend. After he passed away, I am sure that it affected everyone differently, but for me, it gave me a new direction and understanding of life. Those realizations were, if you have a dream, chase after it.

Don’t let anything stand in your way.

You only have one trip on this side of the eternity and through Jason’s death, I learned how to truly live.

Jason could do anything…He was extremely smart and whatever he attempted, he always succeeded. I am positive that I would have never had the courage to pick up a paintbrush after 10 years had I not watched my brother fight so hard to live after he was diagnosed with cancer. I am fighting each day to first honor God, teach my children the importance of following your passions and also show myself that with determination I can do anything!"


Paint it up!, had its grand opening on October 17, 2014 in downtown Chesnee and moved to our current location just a few doors down in February 2016.